My Friend, "Wash", Michael Washington

Now and then in one's life you have occasion to meet up with someone who just knocks your sox off with their greatness.  Michael "Wash" Washington is just such a person.

Hi John,

Attached are pictures of me that I use for publications and one of my wife when I won an award last year.

If you want some pictures of my adventures, go to . There, I have pictures of all my international trips either in the side window, or behind the link on the top that is labeled "Photo Albums." Also in the side window, I have my major awards listed. I do not have the award that I won this year on my web page yet.

As you look at my international pictures, you will not see many with me in them. However, there is one cute on under "Nigeria, Africa (1-19 Nov 2005)" for the dates 13-14 Nov where I am holding a young Nigerian child. As soon as I get my computer up and running and have time, I will try to update it with my new award and my trip to Johannesburg coming up in a few weeks.

Will you attend the immunization conference in March 2007 in Kansas City, MO? I will try to make that one because I have some close friends that just moved to Hays, KS, and I would love to see them again.


Maxi-Vac 1.0
Free software to aid state and local public health officials plan, prepare and practice for a mass smallpox vaccination.



Best of good fortune in everything you do, Wash.  You make me proud.